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Measuring your new made-to-measure blind is straightforward.

 Measuring for Vertical, Roller, Wood and Metal Venetian and Roman Blinds!


What you need


A metal tape measure preferably

A Pen and paper so you can write down your measurments straight away

A brew ( it always helps)


What to measure in:


You can use either inches or mm, whichever your most comfortable with. If your using inches please measure to the nearest ¼ inch rounding under not over. If it's mm please measure to the nearest mm.


The simplest approach is the best.


To make life as easy as possible for you, we do all the maths. All we need from you is the Recess size or the Exact Blind size, (see below). You don't need to adjust your measurements for the fixings in the blind, we'll take care of that bit for you. Also, just to let you know with roller blinds, the mechanism for the blinds is on either side, so the width of your fabric will be aprox 2.8cm less for external or 3.3 cm for recess. But again, we do all that for you so no need to worry about that, we just need your final measurements!


Is it in or Out?


Before you do any measuring you'll need to decide if you want your blind to sit inside the window recess {recess size} or hang outside {exact size}.


For a neat fit that blocks out the light choose to fit your blinds inside the recess. For windows that aren’t straight or have lots of obstructions choose to fit your blinds outside the recess. 


How you measure for your stylish new blinds depends on whether the blind will be inside the window, Recess, or outside the window, External. But don't worry, we've put a guide in for both!




Like most things in life, nothings perfect, and sadly walls usually aren't either. But we won't let that stand in our way, we adjust. So when measuring for any blind we always take three measurements from left to right ( Width) and three from top to bottom (drop). We then take the smallest width and smallest drop and use those as our final measurements.  


Look out for window handles and the positioning of tiles at the top and bottom of your window. You should also think about how your window opens. Take measurements from an area that is in front of your window handles so the blind will move up and down when you fit it here. 


All recess blinds are reduced by our factory to take into account the size of the headrail and components to ensure a perfect fit. Please do not make any adjustments to your measurements we do this for you.




External/Exact Blind Size:


Firstly you need to decide how far you want your new blind to extend past your window from left to right. Once you've decided, just as with the recess, you need to take three measurements form left to right (width) and use the smallest as your final measurements.


Now for the drop. Again you need to decide how far above the window you want your blind to start from, and where you wish it to end (usually the floor or the window cill). Then take three measurements from top to bottom (drop) and use the smallest measurement as your final measurement. Your blind will be made to these exact measurments.


Important Note for Roller Blinds - When ordering an EXACT roller blind the actual fabric will be made approximately 2.8cm less in width due to the headrail. If you would like your EXACT width measurement to be your actual fabric width, you will need to add 2.8cm to the measurement. We call this fabric or bottom bar size.




Your almost there!


Just before you hop back on over to to pick out your funky new blinds, we would like to relay some wise words first, words we work by every day.


Measure twice, order once!


As your glamorous new blinds are all made to measure we need to make sure these measurements are right, but as long as you follow this simple guide, you'll be admiring your new furnishing's before you know it!


Its as Easy as 123..


1 – Take three measurements for both the width and the drop and use the smallest of each as your FINAL MEASUREMENTS 


2 – Check your happy with your measuremens! 


3 – Order your high quality blinds at amazing prices at 


When your new blinds arrive don’t forget to have a look at our easy fitting guide.